Alright, buckle up because we’re about to dive into the world of ZWB, otherwise known
as the Zach Waters Band! Picture this: you’re standing in the heart of Sacramento, CA,
where the music scene is alive and kicking. Enter ZWB, the ultimate sonic thrill in the
Rock and Roll realm. These guys don’t just play music; they’re your ticket to a wild
journey, a rollercoaster of beats and riffs that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear.
Ever been to one of their gigs? It’s like stepping into a different dimension where the
air crackles with energy, and every note feels like a punch of pure euphoria. ZWB
doesn’t just perform; they throw a party, and you’re invited! From the first strum to the
last drumbeat, you’re hooked. It’s infectious; it’s like catching the Rock and Roll fever,
and, trust me, you won’t want the antidote.
These guys hit the scene in 2016, and since then, they’ve been setting the West Coast
on fire. High-energy performances that leave you buzzing for days. And the dreams?
Oh, they’re as big as the sound they create. ZWB doesn’t just want to be a band; they’re
on a mission to make their mark across the entire nation. You’re not just a fan; you’re
part of a movement, a community of music lovers hooked on the ZWB vibe.
Fast forward to 2023, and ZWB drops “Up & Running,” their debut studio masterpiece.
Produced by the legendary Michael Rosen, yes, that Michael Rosen whose credits
include the likes of Journey, Santana, Eddie Money, Papa Roach, and Rancid. Also
featuring collaborations with music heavyweights like The Counting Crows, Smash
Mouth, and G3/Joe Satriani, it’s like they bottled lightning. The album? A joyride of
sound, a trip you never want to end. And when esteemed photographer and writer
Matte Erickson says it’s the life of the party, you know it’s legit.
But that’s not all – ZWB has achieved a milestone that sets them apart. They proudly
hold the title of being the first unsigned independent band to be included in Dash
Radio, among other seasoned Monsters of Rock artists. Right now, ZWB is tearing up
the West Coast, and if you’re not at one of their shows, you’re missing out big time.
Hollywood Independent Music Awards? Yup, they snagged a nomination and it was all
thanks to their song “Blue Eyes” in 2023.
Imagine this: ZWB rocking out on a European stage. It’s not just a dream; it’s the next
chapter, and you’re along for the ride. You’re not merely a fan; you’re part of the ZWB
story, the most exhilarating tale in the world of Rock & Roll. Every chord, every beat—
it’s not merely music; it’s the soundtrack to your craziest, most unforgettable
moments. Get ready for the wild ride because with ZWB, the party never stops!

Zach Waters


Zach Waters Guitar/Vocals

Grayson Roberts


Grayson Roberts

Logan Gameson


Logan Gameson


We Have Fans

Fresh and classic at the same time, I had to listen twice. Its DAMN GOOD!

Jason, Haxton

They’re on their way, tearing up the club circuit around California

Sacramento, Magazine

He and his bandmates have been tearing up the local music scene lately

Mark Demsky, Fox 40 News

The Musical Trinity composed of Zach Waters (Guitar/Vox), Steve Pires (Drums), and Grayson Roberts (Bass, Vox) is taking over the Central Valley

Jordonna Lobese, Rock & Research Magazine

When I first got to the club, the parking lot was full. That made me smile, I walked in and saw that the place was packed!

Lynn Reeves, Lynn's Hangouts

We Love ZWB!

John Saltnes, KZAP Radio

A lot of people out there claim to be rock n roll, but rock n roll is so much more than a couple hours of music on a Friday night. Rock’n and Roll’n is a lifestyle, an energy that cannot be denied. Rock n Roll is about loud guitars, banging drums, stomping bass, and coming together to fight the challenges that life throws at us. So let’s all come together, and let the music take us far away


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